About the Brand

Seek-Her started as an idea about 3 years ago, little did I know the name or what we would carry but I knew it would be something special! 

Howdy, my name is Bailey and I am the designer and creator behind Seek-Her. Through my many years in retail I have learned the ins and outs about the business. While my creative eye has always lead my passion for marketing and desgins. About 3 years ago I came up with the idea of creating my own t-shirt line, but I wasn't sure about the message I wanted to convey.
More adventures and a global crises later the name Seek-Her was born. I have always loved to travel and yearn to learn more about our beautiful country, hence being a 'seeker' for adventure and knowledge. But thats not all, I wanted to create a brand that inspired women to go out and take ahold of their own future, while still being stylish of couse! 
With my years in the industry I learned that fast fashion creates SO MUCH WASTE and I wanted my brand to create less. Hours of research later I found t-shrits that are Made in USA (stimulating our economy and fair wages), and a manufacturer that is eco-conscious (printing with water based ink, and using less rescoures). Not to mention all my packaging can be recyled in your curbside recyle bin - so you have no excuse not to do your part.
Thank you so much for taking the time to stop on the page and learn about the brand. Make sure to subscribe to the email list to learn about new items and specials, and follow on Instagram for a behind the scenes look!